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I finally got a bit more free time Very Happy
I'll be playing Overwatch from 24th May 2016 on,
just add me if you want to play few games together (I play support). Leya#2804

Hello everyone!

I haven't been updating my website as I'm very busy with my studies and whenever I get some free time I play games I never had a chance to play or I spend time with family. Past university year I did pretty good, my average grading was 9 out of 10. It was worth focusing on studies and wrapping up the year with good grades!

Until my uni is done I'm not planning to compete in any game. I tried in first and second year to play competitively, but it just didn't work due to uni's schedule (it's changing all the time) and with the amount of assignments we get my pracctice time would suffer.
I hope to try on competitive level again, however that won't happen until I successfully write and defend my thesis. The games I'll be paying attention on will be: Overwatch, CSGO, ...

In August, September and October I played some Heroes of the Storm, it's fun game, I really enjoyed it. I wanted to improve but with lack of time and playing support class without stable line up, the progress is real slow ^^

In October I've also discovered Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. I thought I'd never enjoy the game as it's mainly pay to win, but once you collect few cards, it actually becomes fun. I play it as casual player, don't plan to compete as this is not my favorite game genre. I'll most likely play Hearthstone until I finish my studies. Of course I still follow e-sports scene in general + CSGO and some Heroes of the Storm. In past 2 years I've learned that after playing competitively for so long, it's hard to get out of the constant learning, improving your own skills, analyzing game and game-play, ... It took me two years to peace with the fact I need to drop that and just chill until the right time comes again.
papers Hello everyone!
My 2015 started with lots of work for uni classes. I wrote 3 papers. Topics were about privacy rights in information society, development of information system, artifical intelligence and I've also been working on a data base for data base class. So far I had lots of fun, so I didn't mind working on the papers days and nights Smile

Yesterday I had exam for multivariate analysis and there are 4 more exams upcoming from next week on. After that I'll be able to play again to which I really look forward Wink
This summer I'll be "celebrating" 10 years of me gaming, so I might load some old games before the end of the year for the good old times and of course without new games it doesn't go either, gotta continue the fun Wink

I haven't been much around for hanging out and playing with friends past month because of the papers, but I sneak in and play whenever I can. I'm planning to play whole March and perhaps second half of February, although I already have some web-development plans for those days. As you can see, I am not bored at all. I'm actually having lots of fun!!!

I really look forward to web-development I and II classes which will start in 2nd semester. Oh and there is also CISCO Module 2 exam incoming.
Nope there is no chance I get bored Razz revising + gaming = FUN.

One more thing, there is a funny appearence of me in CS:GO B2k6's Epic moments 4 movie, you should go check it out Wink

Have fun my friends and followers!
See you soon,
I wish you all the best in 2015!
Happy, healthy, fun and successful new year!!!
merrychristmas Merry Christmas my friends, family and everyone else who I might know or not so well xD.

Christmas is time when I tend to thank to everyone who were ever there for me when I needed someone to talk to, who support me when I need one, who help me out when I ask for one. Thanks for being patient with me when I am furious and ragyyy! Thank you!!!

I wish you a Merry Christmas, may it bring you lots of joy in your life, laughter with loved ones, peace and some presents Wink

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Leya aka TroubleGirl is currently not playing competitively due to studies as that takes most of her free time away.

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