Overwatch map callouts

Below are few map callouts that I made through my time playing or coaching teams. Eventually I'll upload them all, the only one that I haven't put my hands onto is Rialto. There doesn't seem to be enough requests, so I'm just puting my time on things that are higher on my priority list and players want them more. Alike individual coaching which results in player's self-development :) I am currently not bound to any team, enjoying the break from active busy schedule in esports. I'm rather busy with real life related things and web/programming, which I missed a lot during my time spent in Overwatch.


Leya decided to return something to Overwatch community since she gained so much experience by playing versus other teams and observing top tier matches. That's why there is page callouts which will consist majority of Overwatch map area names.

Leya is currently not representing any team as coach, she only provides individual coaching sessions, feel free to poke her via Discord - Leya#3038 :: www.discord.gg/Qzc6N74.

Current Leya's schedule is filled with individual coaching sessions in Overwatch, Quake Champions 2v2 TDM rank grind and other games that she had no time to play due to giving all her free time into teams she presented at the time.

More about Leya you can find at www.leya.si